You can be serious and play

You may have noticed that I have put a link to my newly created TED account on the page – although this does not provide my blog with content I thought it was a great addition to my exploration of Art, Creativity and the Power of Play.  TED, if you haven’t heard of them, are a nonprofit organisation devoted to the spreading of ideas.  On their site you can view many wonderful and interesting talks by a wide range of different people.

If you have time I would encourage you to watch the above talk by Tim Brown titled “Tales of creativity and play”.  It is very interesting to see how play is such a valued part of the design process at IDEO the company of which he is CEO.

I love the imagery of ‘thinking with your hands’ that he uses to describe play.  I think it would be great for all teachers to watch this talk.  So many times in school we are focussed on the paper work without allowing students to explore their ideas in a 3D way.

I also love that he really acknowledges that play is an important tool for the design and creation process – it is not frivolous but an integral part of the work.


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