Inspiring people

For a while now I have been wanting to attend a meeting of the West Australian Fibre and Textiles Association. Unfortunately it never quite happened because of timing with their meetings always seeming to occur at the wrong time for me. I finally made it to a meeting the other night and found it thoroughly enjoyable even if I was a little daunted. As I sat in the group listening I heard the names of three different artists (who were all at the meeting) mentioned – these talented ladies had been referenced in some of my assignments.

I got a lot of value listening to the guest speaker but also by talking with one of the members at the end of the session. It was interesting to talk to Louise Wells about her work that she had done on the Colour Project – every day for a year she committed to doing a piece of textiles work. This was totally inspirational to hear about, even more so when I got home and checked out the blog she has written about the process. I kept thinking about this the next day and how I would love to do something like this, but at the moment the idea of working on one piece each day is a little overwhelming – so I was thinking of maybe doing something once a week. I am going to set this for myself as a project – but I need to come up with the “rules” for what I will do.

The benefits of belonging to a group of people who are working in similar areas was brought home – sometimes this can be online as in a Facebook group that I belong to – but I think I will join WAFTA and attend more of their meetings.