What is in a name?

I have been considering blogging as a choice – rather than this site which was setup as a uni assignment….but what should I call it? I have been reading blogs of friends – mostly using their own name but here is my dilemma. My name has been taken by a younger, much more famous person, nice for my online anonymity I guess – but I can’t use it. So first and middle names – also taken 🙂 Perhaps my maiden name – which was more unusual but, you guessed it – also taken. I had considered a shortened version of my first and last name but this didn’t work either.

So here I am left contemplating what I would call my blog – at the moment I am thinking perhaps I could just revamp this one. I guess it boils down to the core of why I want to blog. I think perhaps I need to clarify my ‘why’ first. In the meantime I might just continue posting here – it will allow me to get a feel for things. Of course that means rejigging some things – perhaps removing Twitter and adding Instagram? I will have to spend some time looking at this blog, removing unwanted bits that were done to meet assessment requirements – and definitely update the look. (I wonder if you are able to date the site by the style? I sure know that it looks dated now)


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