2018 – 52 weeks of gratitude challenge

So, a new year. No doubt going to be a challenging year but I am full of hope and expectation. While looking at Pinterest the other night I found this image

so I thought I would give it a go!


What is in a name?

I have been considering blogging as a choice – rather than this site which was setup as a uni assignment….but what should I call it? I have been reading blogs of friends – mostly using their own name but here is my dilemma. My name has been taken by a younger, much more famous person, nice for my online anonymity I guess – but I can’t use it. So first and middle names – also taken 🙂 Perhaps my maiden name – which was more unusual but, you guessed it – also taken. I had considered a shortened version of my first and last name but this didn’t work either.

So here I am left contemplating what I would call my blog – at the moment I am thinking perhaps I could just revamp this one. I guess it boils down to the core of why I want to blog. I think perhaps I need to clarify my ‘why’ first. In the meantime I might just continue posting here – it will allow me to get a feel for things. Of course that means rejigging some things – perhaps removing Twitter and adding Instagram? I will have to spend some time looking at this blog, removing unwanted bits that were done to meet assessment requirements – and definitely update the look. (I wonder if you are able to date the site by the style? I sure know that it looks dated now)

I love Fremantle

Really this is just a test for our trip and also considering rebooting my art blog but that is more long term. I love the textures in Fremantle – the old buildings and sense of time. The rustic patina of use that speaks of the people who inhabit the space.

Slowing down – slow fabrics

Last Wednesday I prepared some silk scarves for rust dyeing. Today I prepared my first silk scarves for dyeing using the cold bundling method. Both processes require time as a component. It is going to be a long process – probably up to 4 weeks. During this time I will be keeping an eye on them – I know the rust will work (having used the process before), but I am unsure what the results of the cold bundling will be. I have used blackberry nightshade berries, spiky oak leaves and gum leaves for the cold process bundles. Already the berries have produced a nice purple…but I think this will change with time. I have looked at the bundles several times…it can be hard to slow down!
I hope to make up an indigo vat as well in the next week – I am undecided whether to do a long term vat or a short term. I can’t wait to do some more indigo dyeing, it is truly a magical process!

Inspiring people

For a while now I have been wanting to attend a meeting of the West Australian Fibre and Textiles Association. Unfortunately it never quite happened because of timing with their meetings always seeming to occur at the wrong time for me. I finally made it to a meeting the other night and found it thoroughly enjoyable even if I was a little daunted. As I sat in the group listening I heard the names of three different artists (who were all at the meeting) mentioned – these talented ladies had been referenced in some of my assignments.

I got a lot of value listening to the guest speaker but also by talking with one of the members at the end of the session. It was interesting to talk to Louise Wells about her work that she had done on the Colour Project – every day for a year she committed to doing a piece of textiles work. This was totally inspirational to hear about, even more so when I got home and checked out the blog she has written about the process. I kept thinking about this the next day and how I would love to do something like this, but at the moment the idea of working on one piece each day is a little overwhelming – so I was thinking of maybe doing something once a week. I am going to set this for myself as a project – but I need to come up with the “rules” for what I will do.

The benefits of belonging to a group of people who are working in similar areas was brought home – sometimes this can be online as in a Facebook group that I belong to – but I think I will join WAFTA and attend more of their meetings.

Trying Something Different!

I have just completed my final project for the unit VSW100. I chose to do a 2 minute animation – something I had never tackled before. We had to use the stop-animation process and this has given me an even greater appreciation of the work done by Aardman Studios in creating “Wallace and Gromit”.

I have really enjoyed learning some new skills and stretching myself to try new things in this unit. It has been lots of work but I have also learnt a lot which is the main thing.