When was the last time you really played?

As adults we take life (and ourselves) very seriously.  Taking time to really ‘play’ may be seen as frivolous but the power of play to enhance our learning is an important driving force.  

Last year I took a unit called VAR11 – Introduction to Drawing.  One of the most interesting aspects of this unit was the encouragement to play.  We did not draw with just pencils, charcoal, pens or other normal drawing instruments but were encouraged to explore a range of different objects for mark-making.  Now, aside from the fact that I ‘had’ to do this for an assignment, this activity was an immense amount of fun!  I really enjoyed playing with the range of objects I chose  and as I played and experimented I found myself coming up with new ideas and wanting to try more things.  I think a big part of it was the permission to fail – to try things out and not worry if they were right or wrong but to just enjoy the process.

So here is an image created in that unit using a doyley to make the marks.