Trying Something Different!

I have just completed my final project for the unit VSW100. I chose to do a 2 minute animation – something I had never tackled before. We had to use the stop-animation process and this has given me an even greater appreciation of the work done by Aardman Studios in creating “Wallace and Gromit”.

I have really enjoyed learning some new skills and stretching myself to try new things in this unit. It has been lots of work but I have also learnt a lot which is the main thing.


Who Cares About Copyright?

As an artist copyright is something that needs to be considered.  As a part of my Fine Arts degree I am currently enrolled in a unit on Web Communications (WEB101).  The last two weeks we have been asked to consider content sharing and the role of Copyright.  This is an interesting and confusing topic – suffice to say I think that the “Creative Commons” licence is a great idea and if I get nothing more from this unit (oh but I have learnt so much more!) then this unit has been worthwhile.

As a part of this exploration of copyright we had the opportunity to be a little bit creative and find a picture that we were able to use from Flickr and then use it to create a meme.  

This is what I came up with 


The photograph was from the photostream of mastrobiggo.  He has some wonderful photographs and being a cat lover I especially loved the ones of Gatti his cat.  He has licensed the picture that I chose to be shared and remixed as long as it is attributed to him, is for non-commercial uses and any work created from the original photograph is done so under a ‘share alike’ licence.

So a bit of creativity alongside learning about copyright – definitely fun!