Trying Something Different!

I have just completed my final project for the unit VSW100. I chose to do a 2 minute animation – something I had never tackled before. We had to use the stop-animation process and this has given me an even greater appreciation of the work done by Aardman Studios in creating “Wallace and Gromit”.

I have really enjoyed learning some new skills and stretching myself to try new things in this unit. It has been lots of work but I have also learnt a lot which is the main thing.


Do you like your work?

This video by Derek Sivers is really powerful and worth remembering. So often we are plagued by self-doubt, comparing ourselves and our work to others. We need to recognise the uniqueness of our own ideas and not listen to the small voice that would cause us to reject our work as not worthy. Learn to accept praise as well as criticism but most importantly keep playing and experimenting and you may end up surprising yourself.